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While baby formula is a valuable asset for raising your newborn, you cannot raise a child from bottle to adult food in one fell swoop—or at least, it helps to have other options available to ease the transition. From baby biscuits to Gerber style pureed baby food, we have tried to address different ways of feeding your baby. But more than just trying our best to discuss the nutritional merit and flavor, as well as parenting habits associated with, different kinds of baby food, our stated purpose is to help you understand how baby food coupons may or may not be able to save you money.


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Baby food coupons often appear a welcome relief to parents because they seem to allow a frequently big ticket item, as it were, to go for a much lower price. However, from our experience, the kinds of products that are most frequently discounted through coupons, at least in terms of baby food, are the ones with the most famous brand attached. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it’s something to be aware of. Often, even when a name brand is steeply discounted, it may still fetch a price of several cents above a store brand equivalent.

While that may not seem like much initially, it is the kind of thing that can add up. If your baby eats three jars of pureed fruits or vegetables every day, it takes less than two weeks to have spent an additional dollar beyond the store brand, and in a year, enough extra could have been spent to have purchased a good number of store brand jars. This means that you must set your priorities with baby food coupons before determining which ones to use. Do you intend to always get the lowest price, regardless the brand? Or is your own stated purpose to find the best brand for the best price, only settling for store brands when no discounts are available?

Neither is necessarily a bad option, but you may want to involve your baby in the decision making. After all, if store brand pureed cabbage is the only food ever on sale or discount, and your baby cannot stomach the stuff, then you’ve probably got to change tactics. However, our experience seems to suggest that it is relatively easy to find baby food coupons. It isn’t easy in that they will come to you on their own, though that may occasionally happen; it is easy because as you get to know the worlds of coupons and of baby food, you have a better chance of finding what you need.

Having determined that you need other kinds of baby food besides just formula, we will strive to provide you with the information we can about baby food as well, in addition to baby food coupons, to help you make the best decision on how to raise your newborn. Picking baby food should be a careful decision, considering your baby’s needs and your own financial position but it should never paralyze your action.