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While a great many of the big name brand baby formula options sound like great answers, there’s a slightly less well known brand in the larger community that is an extremely important one to know about. That brand is EleCare, which is specially designed to help babies whose digestive systems, for one reason or another, have difficulty handling whole protein. This sort of difficulty could be a result of short bowel syndrome, for example, or a number of other digestive issues. While very newly born infants can maintain some level of nutrition on a primarily carbohydrate diet, even they will shortly need protein so that their bodies can begin to grow. We’ll talk more on what that means for the EleCare brand and how to get EleCare coupons to help your infant.

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First, while EleCare is not a food requiring a prescription, it certainly helps to get a doctor’s diagnosis before jumping on any kind of specialty food. This can be especially true with infants, whose growth and health seems always on a knife’s edge. EleCare coupons should therefore probably not be considered in the same basket as Carnation coupons or Similac coupons; just because you might be able to find a better deal on one brand than another doesn’t necessarily mean that’s the way to go. It’s important to know what each brand stands for.

Now, because that usually isn’t an issue, we tend to leave discussion of specific recipes for formula up to the individual brands themselves. However, because EleCare is such a unique baby formula, we want to take some time to give you a clear picture of what EleCare is all about. To do that, we’ll need to give you a very brief chemistry lesson—we promise, it’s painless—but by the end, you’ll understand how best to maximize your use of EleCare coupons.

EleCare, as we noted, helps babies who have difficulty processing protein. Proteins are large molecules, and the digestion process helps integrate them into the body to help the baby continue to grow. However, if proteins are too complicated of molecules for a baby’s digestive system to handle, there’s another way to go: amino acids. Amino acids are much smaller molecules and are the building blocks of proteins; long chains of amino acid molecules are what result in the proteins that make up our bodies. EleCare is stocked with amino acids instead of regular proteins, meaning that babies with digestive troubles can process them more easily. So if your baby needs that kind of special digestive care, then by all means, do your best to find some EleCare coupons.

We’ve given you the information we can about EleCare and EleCare coupons. In order to find the coupons, we recommend you do the same things you would for any other coupon. You can use our coupons website to find information. You can sign up for an email newsletter that can send you coupons and specials. Or you can go directly to the EleCare website. However you do it, if your baby has special digestive needs, EleCare can definitely help.