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Infant Formula Coupons

The pros and cons of breastfeeding versus infant formula have been debated in other circles and will continue to be debated there, so as interesting as the topic is, we’ve elected to pick a side and give a very limited view. We’re in favor of formula—not to the exclusion of any breastfeeding, but as a supplement for whenever it is more convenient or necessary. And to that end, we want to target infant formula in this article, and especially how you can find and use infant formula coupons.

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Infant formula, by our definition, is that brand or recipe of formula that is put together especially for babies from zero to three months old. By about three to six months old, some parents feel comfortable introducing baby cookies (biscuits) and rice to their infant, but any such introductions should be kept limited until at least three months old. (And we won’t tell the story about my two month old cousin who developed a love for ice cream that has yet to leave.) Therefore, infant formula coupons are for Good Start, Enfamil, Carnation, and a host of other brands that develop product lines specifically for the very, very youngest babies.

What will be reassuring to you is that infant formula coupons are hardly any different to find from other baby formula coupons. In fact, it’s a common issue that a particular brand—let’s take Enfamil, for example—may emphasize their infant formula for a given week or month and then follow that up with an emphasis on a different product line, perhaps for older babies. What that means is that as long as the entire market has not decided to stray from infant formula for that week, you should be able to find coupons for baby formula by age range pretty much every week. Whether you choose to use that coupon is up to you and your judgment of whether its savings are worth the brand it applies to.

Now, we’ve touched lightly both on finding the coupons—by looking in the same places as for other baby food coupons—and on using them, by being willing to shift brands depending on the best price. But brand-hopping isn’t always a long term solution. If your concern for coupons is more for a desire to have a low cost way to try out several brands of formula, you might be willing to pay full price if your chosen brand ever discontinues certain discounts. However, until then, we’ll do our best to point you to more information and locations of infant formula coupons.

We can’t guarantee that we’ll always have the answer to saving you money on infant formula, but we’d like to think that our expertise in research and information presentation—not to mention babies—will bring you confidence in us and our methods. We invite you to examine our website and learn about how we can continue to help you find not just infant formula coupons, but savings on all kinds of baby raising products and techniques.